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Margaret L. Wade: Home


Your sexual energy contains your greatest potential for creation. When flowing freely through your being, this energy supports personal healing and the flowering of your dreams and desires. Renewing the connection between your heart and your sexuality aligns you with your highest purposes in life.

I invite you to a guided process of personal self-discovery, expansion, and integration of new ways of being. Reconnect with your creative core so you can live in flow.

In a committed relationship, partners can facilitate each other’s process of blossoming. Enhance your connection using breathing techniques, eye gazing, touching and communication practices, and home play assignments. Rejuvenate your relationship and deepen your intimacy.

I coach individuals and couples in a series of sessions that we plan together in order to accomplish your desired intentions. Techniques used are breathwork, movement, verbal and non-verbal communication, and conscious touching. Home play practices are often assigned between appointments.

I have almost 30 years of experience facilitating transformational experiences using bodywork, breathwork and movement.

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